2014 nobel prize winners and Native places

Nobel peace price 2014 winner :  Kailash Satyarthi (India) , Malala Yousafzai(Pakistan)

Literature Nobel Prize 2014 winner : Patrick Modiano(France)

Nobel price for Physics winners: Shuji Nakamura(Japan) , Hiroshi Amano(Japan), Isamu Akasaki(Japan)

Physiology Nobel price winners : Edvard Moser( Norway ) , May-Britt Moser( Norway ),John O'Keefe(UK/US)

Chemistry Nobel price winner:  William E. Moerner(USA), Eric Betzig(USA), Stefan Hell(German)

Nobel for Economics : Jean Tirole(France)

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India's first tobacco free village ?

Answer: Nagaland's Gariphema

2014 pulitzer prize winner ?

Answer: Donna Tart for novel goldfinch

What is the nationality of Donna Tart ?

Answer: United States

Newly appointed kerala Governor?

Answer : P. Sathasivam

first speaker of telungana ?

Answer: Sirikonda Madhusudhana Chary

2014 hockey world cup host country ?

Answer: Netherlands

2014 men's hockey worldcup champions ?

Answer: Australia

2014 women's hockey worldcup champions ?

Answer: netherlands

2014 Rajiv Gandhi Sadhbavana award winner?

Answer: Muzaffar Ali 

winner of world food prize 2014 ?

Answer: Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram from India

Who was selected as “sportsman of the year 2014” ?

Answer: Sebastian Vettel

Next Secretary General of Interpol ?

Answer: Juergen Stock of Germany (from 2015)

Present Secretary General of Interpol ?

Answer: Ronald L Noble