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Current affairs latest gk questions 2015

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Included  2015 events related gk and current affairs questions 


  These current affairs Questions are useful for  UPSC ,bank and PSC exams , SBI clerk, RRB, Postal Assistant. use this questions for Quick reference .

All the questions are updated as on 31/10/15

 1. Newly appointed BCCI President ?
Answer:  Shashank Manohar

2. who was recently appointed as chief of industrial corridor project (Delhi- mumbai)?
Answer: Alkesh Sharma

3. Recently selected Nepal prime minister?
Answer: Khadga Prasad Oli

4. Which country launched missile named "Imad" ?
Answer: Iran 

5. who is the 2015 booker prize winner ? 
Answer: Marlon James (Jamaica)

6. who wrote the book "A Brief History of Seven Killings" ?
Answer: Marlon James

7. Who is Miss India 2015 winner ? 
Answer : Aditi Arya 

8. which team won copa america 2015?
Answer: chile

*9. Nepal's recently elected  president  (first women president for nepal)?
Answer:  Bidhya Devi Bhandari 

10. Who is the Recently selected prime minister of Nepal ?
Answer: K.P. Sharma Oli

10. The economically diverse region of MENA nations refers to which  countries?
Answer: Middle East and North Africa

*11. which country was affected by Typhoon "Koppu" ?
Answer : philippines 

*12. which country recently built Zam Hydropower Station on river Brahmaputra?
Answer: china (dam located at tibet)
*13. 2015 WTA womens doubles winners ?
 Answer: Martina Hingis and Sania Mirza

*14. Venue for G20 summit 2015?
Answer: Turkey

*15.  2015 Third India–Africa Forum Summit was held at ___________ ?
Answer: New Delhi

*16. Who was recently appointed as Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations  ?
Answer: Syed Akbaruddin

17. Recently elected  Bihar chief minister ?
Answer: Nitish Kumar  

*18. Recently appointed Canada prime minister ?
Answer: Justin Trudeau


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2015Nobel prize winners

2015 physics Nobel prize winner : Takaaki Kajita(Japan) and Arthur B. McDonald(Canada)

2015 Chemistry Nobel prize winner : Tomas Lindahl(sweden), Paul Modrich(US) and Aziz Sancar(Turkey)

2015 Nobel prize  for Physiology or Medicine : Youyou Tu(China), William C. Campbell(Ireland) and Satoshi Omura(Japan)

2015 Nobel prize for Literature : Svetlana Alexievich(Ukraine)

2015 Nobel peace prize: National Dialogue Quartet 

2015 Economic peace prize: Angus Deaton(UK)

2015 grandslam winners

Grandslam is the four major tennis tournaments Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open

2015 Australian Open men's winner : Novak Djokovic
Australian Open women's winner: Serena Williams
Australian Open mixed Doubles  winner: Leander Paes  & Martina Hingis

2015 French Open  men's winner : Stan Wawrinka
French Open  women's winner : Serena Williams 

2015 Wimbledon men's winner :  Novak Djokovic
Wimbledon women's winner :  Serena Williams
Wimbledon women's double winners : Sania Mirza  & Martina Hingis
Wimbledon mixed Doubles  winner: Leander Paes  & Martina Hingis

2015 US Open men's winner : Novak Djokovic
US Open women's winner : Flavia Pennetta 
US Open women's double winners : Sania Mirza  & Martina Hingis
US Open mixed Doubles  winner: Leander Paes  & Martina Hingis

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Previously asked maths questions from numbers for competitive exams

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1. Difference of 2 number is 11 and their product is 60, find the sum of numbers  ?

If you try to solve this question without using equation, it will consume too much time.. so use this equation..

(X + Y)2 = (X - Y)2 + 4 XY

We have     X-Y = 11  and  XY = 60 


(X + Y)2 = 112 + 4 x 60

(X + Y)2 = 121 + 240

(X + Y)2 =  361

X + Y = 19

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